Chris Belcher

President – Chris Belcher, Inland

Vice President – Kimo Foley, Orange County

Communication Chair – Jae Lee, Inland

Mark Despars

Treasurer – Mark Despars, Orange County

Fred Sicard

Senior Program Chair – Fred Sicard, Orange County

Mike Stewart

Junior Program Chair – Mike Stewart, Foothill

Instructional Chair – Brandon Spalding, Foothill

Membership Chair – Tiffany Spiritosanto, Orange County

Mark Williamson

Electronic Media ChairMark Williamson, Inland

At-Large – Linda Simons, Los Angeles

At-Large – Tom Finwall (Past President)

Southern Pacific Rep to USWP – Steve Redding, Orange County

Alan Lorentzen

Coastal Californa Rep to USWP – Alan Lorentzen


Alan Lorentzen

Channel Coast Area President – Alan Lorentzen

Foothill Area President – Andrew Gates

Inland Area President – Sarah Reneker

Los Angeles Area President – Tom Jedrzejewicz

North Coast Area President – Dave Riley

Chris Lancellotti

Orange County Area President – Chris Lancellotti

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