The high school year is beginning, as are competition in the CIF-LA City, CIF Central and CIF-Southern Sections. SCAF-WP administers water polo referee assignments for CIF-SS and CIF-LA, as well as the coastal region of the CIF-Central Section.

In order to be eligible for HS assignments, an official must do the following:

  • Register (or renew registration) with SCAF-WP and pay annual dues.
  • Pass a rules test administered by SCAF-WP (see below).
  • Pay an assignment fee to each area where assigned games.
  • Attend each of the 5 instructional clinics.

Rules Test

SCAF administers a test of the NFHS rules annually, and each official must pass this test to be eligible to officiate.

The test is delivered online. This year, the test will be released in early August, and should be completed prior to the first assignment.

When released, the link will be posted here.