Good morning everyone:

PLEASE understand and take note that PERCEPTION of what we do and say is EXTTEMELY important. Someone is always watching and someone may be recording you as well. At any time during the season and especially during the playoffs WE MUST maintain the highest levels of professionalism.

I know water polo is a very small community, everyone knows everyone. With many of us being retired long-time coaches we are bound to run into one of our ex-players on a pool deck. That being said, it reflects poorly on all of us if you take pictures with their teams or hang out too long with them before or after a game. PLEASE stay professional at all times. This looks really awful when the losing team/coaches/parents sees one of the refs doing what I just described. Figure out a different time and place to catch up with them. 

This is the time of the season where parents get very animated regarding ANY perceived lack of professionalism. They write all sorts of emails to CIF and me. PLEASE don’t put yourself, or CIF in these tough positions. 

Thank you. Best of luck to those who will be whistling semi’s and finals this week. 

Have a great day

Andrew Gates, President
SCAF-WP Officials Board of Directors