Hello everyone, I hope you are staying dry on yet another rainy day in So. Cal. 

Thank you all for being a part of a great HS girls water polo season. I appreciate all of you and your dedication to water polo. We had some long days on the pool deck, but we made it through:). CIF Finals was a lot of fun with many close games. As you all know I believe in giving “shout outs” whenever I can. You all deserve, but don’t often get, recognition for a job well done. 

The following is a list of those who whistled a final or semi-final contest: Buddy Olds, Ian Montgomery, Mike Stewart, Andrew Gates, Scott Voltz, Fred Sicard, Connor Roberson, Gabe Belagardi, Leanna Cosme, Caitlin Eno, German Lopez, John Goudy, Ron Baron, Mark Despars, Gary O’Brien, Luis Flores, Mario, Ruiz, Dave Brown, David Gonzalez, Evgeny Sedov, Scott McDill, Terry Kimberling, Steve Yancey, Jerry Gonzalez, Jae Lee, John Wright, Chris Belcher, Victor Flynn, and Scott Brennand. (I hope I didn’t miss anyone…)


Just a heads up that elections for the SCAF (Big Board) Board of Directors will be in March. Shawn McBride will be our Inspector of Elections and will be sending out emails soliciting nominations for the four elected positions on the Board. The offices up for election every two years are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Senior Programs Chair. All other positions are either appointed and approved by the Board or are elected through our local areas. 

PLEASE step up and help if you would like to get involved. We encourage anyone who is interested to run. 

Keep an eye out for Shawn’s email.

Have a great day and we’ll see you on the deck soon

Andrew Gates, President
SCAF-WP Officials Board of Directors