Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great. 

SCAF had a board meeting last night finalizing a few items before we get into the crazy part of the summer. The High School season starts REALLY EARLY this year. First allowable contest is August 12. That is 9 days earlier than last year!!

This year teams will not know which playoff division they will be in until the end of the season. CIF needs some time to organize playoff brackets and this is why the first contest is so early. The last contest is October 23rd, with playoffs staring the next week. Playoffs will last THREE weeks instead of the usual two. This also means that the girls season will actually start BEFORE the end of the boys season. Yep, crazy times ahead 🙂

For your planning purposes I wanted to give you some dates to put on your calendar. 

Clinic 1: week of August 4th
Clinic 2: Week of August 11th
Clinic 3: week of September 29th
Clinic 4: week of November 11th
Clinic 5: Week of January 12th, 2025

These dates will be added to our updated SCAF website in the next day or two. Your local areas will be in contact with you regarding dates and times of each clinic. 

The rules test will be sent out to you about Friday August 2nd and you will have 8-9 days to complete it. The new rule books will be in by the time of the first clinic so you will have them to complete the test. 


Please complete the registration form ASAP if you have not done so already. EVERYONE needs to make sure that your cell phone number is PUBLIC so your partner, assigners, etc., can get in touch with you if needed. This task can be completed on the Profile page on Arbiter. Thank you for your help on this 🙂

Have a great day and we’ll see you on the deck soon. 

Andrew Gates, President
SCAF-WP Officials Board of Directors