If you are experiencing financial hardship and have difficulties paying your SCAF dues, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tiffany Spiritosanto, SCAF BOD Membership Chair, so that we can work together on a solution. 

A couple of notes:

Please follow the steps below to complete your registration:

  1. Go to www.arbitersports.com and login as a SCAFWP Official.
    • Please select SCAFWP Central Hub. 
  2. On the Central Hub main page, please read the documents in the information box: SCAFWP Independent Contractor Agreement and SCAFWP Policies and Procedures 
    • You will be prompted to accept them later in the registration process.
    • If these do not come up, please email tiffspiritosanto@gmail.com and a copy will be emailed to you
  3. After reading both documents, click on the “Registration” tab 
    • You will only select ONE box on this page. Please see below for details on which box to select: 
      1. If you are ONLY officiating college:  Please select “2020 College Only / No High School” and then click “register” to go onto the next step
      2. If you are a past SCAFWP Main Board President or a Lifetime member: Please select “2020 Past SCAFWP President or Lifetime” and then click “register” to go onto the next step. 
      3. If you are officiating high school AND college OR high school only and do not fit in one of the above categories: Please check the box for “2020 SCAFWP Registration” for your Primary Area ONLY and then click “register” to go onto the next step. You must only check ONE area as your primary area when prompted to select an area.  DO NOT click on any of the other area options as this will affect the accounting process. 
      4. For instance, if your primary area is Los Angeles, then you would only select the box “2020 SCAF Los Angeles Registration” and click “register” to move onto the next step. Please follow directions and ONLY click on your PRIMARY AREA and complete ALL of the steps including a CURRENT headshot of yourself.  
  4. Personal Information Please make sure all information is up to date and accurate. 
  5. Agreement of SCAFWP Independent Contractor Agreement and SCAFWP Policies and Procedures. 
  6. Profile Photo:  to complete the registration process, you MUST upload a current photo of yourself.  This is not a place for an animated photo, a photo of a celebrity or something that you would post on social media.  Your picture should be a clear, clean, and a professional photo of your face.
  7. Payment
    • There are two options available: Credit Card or E-Check  
      1. We strongly encourage all members to pay via E-Check as the fees we incur with that are far less than the fees associated with credit card payments.  When paying by this method please put YOUR first and last name for “Account Name.”  
      2. You will need your bank routing and account numbers as well.

As a standard protocol, for those that choose to pay by credit card, we may be forced to pass those processing fees on to you, our members. To avoid this cost being passed onto you in the future, please use the E-Check option

If you have any questions about SCAFWP membership, registration, or payment, please contact Tiffany Spiritosanto (tiffspiritosanto@gmail.com). If you have any questions about SCAFWP in general, please feel free to contact SCAFWP President, Andrew Gates (agates@scafwp.org).