Wanna Ref?

Thank you for your interest in officiating water polo!

Please understand that USA Water Polo/USAWP (Age Group/Club) and SCAF-WP (High School/JC/NCAA) are completely and distinctly different entities. If you choose to officiate both, you will need to pay both USAWP and SCAF WP registration fees. You will also have to complete both sets of instructional and training requirements.

SCAF-WP administers High School, Junior College and NCAA/NAIA water polo in the Southern California area. High School, Junior College and NCAA/NAIA games are assigned by local area assignors and NCAA Conference assignors.

Area Associations

Kickstart your journey by learning about your area and who to connect with to get started.

Getting Started


SCAF-WP Membership Dues: $100
Assignors Fee: $140 Per Season (HS Boys and HS Girls are separate seasons)

Please visit the CIFSS site, page 145 for high school fees.

For other areas, visit their site and contact your assignor for college level fees.